Projects Created Using Whisky Barrel Staves

For several months I have been searching for a new line to experiment with. While in Kent in May 2019 Bron and I visited an interesting furniture barn, selling an eclectic mix of furniture goods and oddities.

While there we spotted some ornaments and clocks made from whisky barrel staves. They looked interesting, and we felt that the subject deserved a bit of research to find out what could be made with ease, and what it would cost to try out some of the basic ideas.

At any time like this, my first stop is always a well known internet auction site where I found that whisky barrel staves were readily available, at what appeared to be an affordable price, so a bundle was ordered. Another trawl through the internet quickly revealed a whole list of projects worth having a go at.

I made a couple of simple pieces, and sat back to admire them for a day or so. THEN I found there was a 3 day craft fair coming up at Potter Heigham (in about 9 days time). The challenge was on, could I create enough pieces to put on a display. For me the big question of course was "will the ideas sell".

Having spent a very busy week in the workshop I was able to make a good selection of candle holders and clocks in several designs and formats, plus a small selection of other pieces.

The big surprise was the aroma given off by the wood as it was being worked. It was all quite intoxicating, and the workshop actually began to smell like a distillery. It will be interesting to see what sells at a 3 day craft fair (if anything).

Seen here is my first display of Barrel Stave projects at the 2019 Potter Heigham Spring Craft Fair.

These are the rewards from one week in the workshop (plus a few more bits which are still in the box).

I am very pleased with the display, now, lets see if we can sell any of it.


A Fruit Bowl

The top section is 3 staves wide, with a single inverted stave being used for the base. It is about 20 inches long by 8 inches wide.

I am very pleased with this piece, and looks quite stunning on the display table.


A Candle Stack

It's not a candle stick, it's a candle stack !

Five candle inserts, each let into the base so that everything stays level.

An interesting piece.


Four Candles

I am sorry, but I simply could not resist that for a group title.

Is is of course, a direct reference to one of the best comedy sketches ever written.

    Wall and Free Standing Clocks

Clocks are always a favourite with the public, whether it be wall hanging as on the left or free standing as above.

The hanging clock is a little different, in that it has been created with the inner face of the barrel stave facing outwards. This piece also features the bung hole, which is where the barrel would have been filled when it was originally in use.