Jewellery is simple and pleasing to make, and needs to be easy on the eye. There is no limit to the wood types which can be used. Normally, fittings are either gold or silver.  

Earrings - Apple on Silver


Earrings - Apple on Gold


Earrings - Apple on Silver


Earrings - Ash on Silver


Earrings - Walnut on Gold


Earrings - Walnut on Silver


A set for Francesca


A trio of Walnut

  The earring and pendant set above were made for Francesca. The wood came from Brian's Apple tree at Devon Acre's          
  A new line that was started recently was the "bottle and glass". The idea came about whilst making a pendant which in reality, went wrong. What turned out looked more like a bottle than a pendant. So, having refined the shape a bit, I had to decide what to put with it. The obvious thing seemed to be a glass. She that matters most said "don't be daft, they will never sell". The craft fair at Potter Heigham in May 2011 showed that they do sell, so here you can see 2 pairs of earrings made of Zebrano and Yew.

Zebrano Bottle and Glass


Yew Bottle and Glass


Polyester Resin Pendants

    These pendants were both cut from blocks of polyester resin. Caution needs to be taken to avoid over-heating the material when it is being worked on, otherwise, like most forms of plastic, it will soften.

Working the material is very straight forward. I use a point tool and a small skew to make the shape and then wet sand from 240 grit through to 12000 grit to produce the shine.

The blank is turned to smooth and polish the back and outer edge, then a thin section is parted off and re-mounted in an "on centre" jam chuck to shape and polish the front profile. Finally, the piece is mounted in an "off centre" jam chuck to cut the hole and give it a final polish.

Pendants - Apple Walnut and Ash


Pendants - Mahogany


Pendants - Spalted Beech